Charity Fundraisers

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If you’re trying to running a charity event, your goal is pretty clear: maximise profit through ticket sales and concessions, which can be passed back to your charity.

ianH photography
ianH photography

Here at Simply Events we can organise all aspects of your charity event, including;

  • Venue logistics & catering management (permits etc)
  • Speakers/Presenters
  • Activities/Entertainment
  • Publicity/Promotion (social media, promotional material etc)
  • Registration (online signup, payment & trading)
  • Sponsorship Management


One of our top tips is:

Choose the right venue

Always be open and as flexible as possible, early planning means you can investigate all the options and you can then seek out the cheapest option that meets your needs here at Simply Events we can venue find you, we have a bank of beautiful venues that we work with on a regular basis, we can negotiate with suppliers and arrange your event from start to finish bearing in mind your budget constraints.

ianH photography
ianH photography
ianH photography